isn't this game a bit depressing?

I have never shot anyone who didn’t attack me first.

i actually made whole outfits and cooked food on US Central 1 and would go out handing it out to people. I built a new guy a house with metal doors once to help him out.

but this game is worse then dayz when it comes to bandits/raiders/jerks…

You have a system where the guys who been here longer or have a group of buddies playing are working together killing everyone on sight.

So if your new or working alone you will be stuck at the low end of the progress tree forever while people actively hunt you down and new spawns try to rock you to death for no reason and no loot.

The Rich Get Richer and the poor get a rock or bullet to the face…

The hacking of course is rampant in this game, other then the suicide fix i recognize speed hackers who are easy to spot that have been cheating for over a month now and still get to play. At this point the VAC seems like a joke and they get a upperhand with no punishment. Yeah yeah scream vac will get them over and over, but results are people are cheating like hell and nothing seems to be improving.

If you working alone you can expect to hide in the got damn woods all your life picking up the trimmings and avoiding everyone on sight, (dayz much?) or you run around and get shot every 2mins.

Basically it’s join a clan of KOS jerks or spend your life knowing that everyone your working for will be taken away very soon.

With 100+ people playing getting things like rock resources are getting harder. That doens’t help the new guys get decent houses like Metal Doors or god forbid a decent weapon (handcannon is not decent weapon).

That being said I was really hoping to be part of the alpha testing, but this game isn’t any fun after 40hrs and 47 deaths.

Good Luck to everyone and facepunch I hope to try it again when ti’s Beta or released, but right now i can’t even live long enough to find a bug.

play in community servers. Rust is not a game for 100+ people in the same server