Isnt this the coolest wooden base in rust you've ever seen?

There is more to see but you cant see all the wooden spikes because im too far away.

Here is some more screenshots of the base:

Please tell me what you think of it in the comments ive been working for 2-3 days non stop over 60k wood

I think you could build and jump right over those spikes…but it does look cool.

Thing is man if you click the other link you’ll see that there is more spikes on the inside and there is no way of building up and blowing into the top floor where i got my shit. So if they are going to raid me they will need 26 explosive charges, IF they put them on the right doors…

Damn that shit is ugly

Why did you have to say that man? Are you here to talk shit please leave.

I created an account just to tell you that your base is pretty nice. I was raided recently and can appreciate the value of strong home defense.

Yea man I understand it is nice. Im constantly thinking of ways to make people use as much c4 as possible if they want in. In the end if a group wants in and they resource enough they can get in. Just make sure or try to make sure you know who it is and get them back :slight_smile:

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I was able to look closer and its pretty cool and well thought out. Im wondering how long it took you to biuld and it looks like its in a pretty open area so you had to biuld it as fast as you could so you could finish before it got raided.

i’ve never actually seen a fort built in this game until now. nice job man.

Nice build. I’ve considered using a wall like that, but it’s pretty hard to find a flat area to build on a 128+ pop server that isn’t out in no mans land. :confused: At least for me, everywhere I find a decent place usually has a team of guys rolling people.

Even if you manage to get in that way you still would need to build somenthing inside to get out and there’s no room for that. That’s a nice build. It’s not impossible to raid but it’s going to take a lot of effort + c4 + wood to do it. and to be honest its not worth unless he stored 5389085320 weapons and ammo inside.

Trust me if they ever get to where i store my shit, its worth it.

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I got shot at a few times and i stored all my building materials in different sheds, takes time but its worth it. :slight_smile:

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Took me around 3 days to gather all the materials and 1 day to build the base

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Thanks man! I got tired of being raided 24/7 thats why i built the fort :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the spike work well against players that try to build over them? Besides who cares if it looks good or not. Its the functionality of the base that matters.

I have a lot of spikes arround and almost inside my fort. Its quite fun to log in and see a lot of backpacks stuck on the spikes xD.

Here’s what I know.

If you can get to your door unharmed, other people can too. Groups of 8 who just raided 5 houses before finding yours will have everything they need to hammer smash every single one of your doors.

They’ll do it over casual conversation.

I’m aware of that, happens to me all the time. But this base require around 30 explosive charges to raid

They would just need to build stairs outside to get on top of your outer wall then use your outer wall and stair up there to get on your roof and only a few c4 from there to get at your loots.
Looks very nice though. Like a mini castle. kudos on your design.

Huge waste of spikes.

Thank you, and no if they decide to build up to the top floor they wont be able to reach the wall to put a c4 on it. Only if they jump and place it in the air but then they will loose their gear and they will have to try a couple of times before they succeed.

to be honest all you need is like 6 c4 and you are in

Looks easy to raid…and it’s ugly.