ISO Nuclear Printer Code

Anyone have the code of this printer from 2.4.3?

why not make your own printer.

You’ve made about 3 threads so far for people to find code for you. From F4 menus to Wallet limits. If you want a specific printer, I suggest you code it yourself.

Or, you know, use a current version of DarkRP.

I’m 100% sure it’s custom meaning you can’t get it so they had someone code that for there server.

No, it was !!! WARLOCK !!! Special Money Printers on workshop for 2.4.3. I remember someone updated it for 2.5 as well. And all my other problems in the other threads were solved.

I also already made my own printers. No other server has them, it’s just I want the nuclear printer alongside my printers.

If you actually made your own printers, recreating those printers would be piss easy for you to figure out. They are nothing but some timers and 2d3d.

Stop asking for everyone to do the work for you, and do it yourself. In your last threads your problems were solved by someone doing it for you, or you going out of your way to try and avoid learning how to do it yourself.