Isolated city

A scenebuild, inspired by a picture I drew when I was 8.

That’s a lot of christmas presents thrown away.

Nice scenebuild.

thank you

has a sort of cartoony feel to it, i love it.

Very good. I love it.



What could they possibly do with all that gasoline they’re shipping?


Pretty cool though


Hmmm i have a question …how did you make some of the skyscrapers in the scenebuild ?
cause i can imagine that the cranes and other small things here are just shrunk down with the prop resizer

Cool view.

They’re all just skybox props.

Well where in the browser are they then ?

all i know is that they’re from L4D and TF2 and HL2

Reminds of in the Katamari games when your katamari gets really big and you’re rolling up fucken islands. Awesome.