Isolating model from MW2 Operators

So basically, I’ve been trying to separate a certain model from one of the skin subgroups in the MW2 operators pack, instead of having to bodygroup the default model it uses with the bodygroup changer. I also wanted to make the model I chose into a playermodel as well, but in order to do that I needed to figure out how to make the shit stay on without deleting any materials that were needed for the model.


This is the one I wanted made into a playermodel, just don’t know how to keep the vest/helmet+goggles/balaclava on manually. I looked for the older threads for a dl link to the pack but rather than do that I just separated the skin subgroup in the pack and uploaded it. <-- OD skins

it’d be great if anyone could help me out here, so maybe i can get it skinned with A-TACS too

self bump with progress

i dont know how to compile it cause StudioCompiler keeps crashing on me for running an x64 system i guess