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that looks absolutely amazing

Excellent lighting.

Accurate representation of actual gameplay.

ten out of ten. fantastico.

Made in Gmod or SFM?
Eather way, holy ball-sacks thats cool!!

Oh shit, that’s not what I expected when I entered.

Nice job.


Thanks for comments :smile:

looks very cinematic, i love it

Holy moly, Cpt. took it out of my mouth; very cinematic and excellent!

Very cool, I guess the blurred red lights on the top right are some kind of bokeh effect? Or did you just add big red brush circles of some sort?

I would assume it’s to emulate bokeh.

Excellent lighting, good atmosphere and editing, pretty creepy that it looks like it’s smiling. The one thing I don’t agree with is the action of the scene- it looks like the hands are implying the scene is in motion and intense, but the Alien implies it is standing still and not moving, especially since most motion might come from the arms and they are quite hard to see. Also maybe it’s too symmetrical or should have its mouth open so it looks like it is motion.

Lastly I think the perspective is too zoomed for first person, obviously you would be able to at least see your arms up past your elbows.

Yes, it’s brush cirles

Thanks for good comments!

the more i look at this the more 3d it looks absolutely wonderful