Issac Clark taking a break from killling monsters

-Liquid is a bitch and a half to make it look good in photoshop, did me best to make it coffee though its too bright.
-background was made from scratch

Hunterdnrc’s edit (I was doing one like it as well, he beat me to the punch)

that’s cool n kinda original

but black bars in space? haha

even the black bars have black bars

that’s deep bro

Thats what she said ^, Nice job

I like it.

But isaac should have a hologram movie of some sorta leslie neilson movie playing.


Very nice, I love the edit there Hunter, but you are confusing me with your avatars :v:

I laughed so hard.

But I am the real Fort83, he is just an impostor.

And I am the real Hunterdnrc, this man is a big fat phony

Dancings Men! Dancings Men from Cyanide and Happiness everywhere evrywhere

This image rock