[issue fixed] Issues with logging into the s&box dev site

I recently had the idea to sign up to potentially get a dev copy of s&box to make maps in, so I log in and I get this error


I’m also assuming that me getting a steam key in an hour is also a bug, unless 37,000 people before me signed up with no workshop mods : P

has anyone else had this issue? are there any fixes for it? (I have also tried logging in on my phone)

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The game will appear In your steam games list when you are ready to get it, which is probably soon because 1.8k is Quite a nice Workshop score. Just wait a bit and see what happens. :custard:

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Yes, that is what’s happening.

At the beginning the queue was letting in the highest-rated modder every 10 minutes, eventually the modders ran out so access was being gives to players with no workshop mods, so it was slowed down to letting someone in every 2 hours.

People weren’t pleased to find out their wait increased exponentially, I think whoever is at the end of the line has to wait almost 10 years.

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Not a bug lol, the discord server has been getting overrun by people that have never made anything before, even just having a single item on your workshop puts you at the top of the queue.

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