Issue launching SRCDS - tier0.dll issue. How do you re-register dlls?

There’s no server forum, and this does pertain to development as without srcds working I can’t realistically dev without output.

Since the latest update:

I’ve tried removing the entire BIN directory, and allowing SteamCMD to re-download everything. The issue is that it doesn’t re-register the dlls, so I get the same error. Now, if I try moving the dlls over from my Steam Gaming Folder Install / Orangebox, it gives me the same errors. So it’s not an issue of the DLL being corrupt, or whatever, it’s an issue of the service, or the registry not having correct values.

Does anyone know how to re-register the DLLs? I had an issue where I needed to use many utilities such as DDU, HijackThis, CCleaner, Hiren-BootCD “Remove all unlinked drivers” because NVidia drivers hosed my Windows install making it impossible to boot giving symptoms of a bad cpu. I had to go through the process twice. The first instance of installing the driver, their experience software failed to complete it, and it hosed the machine. The second time I was able to boot, then I installed it from scratch; same issue. I went back several versions and now all works properly.

I believe some of those driver removal tools saw some of the srcds dlls as being unlinked; but the tools needed to be ran as that particular tool didn’t allow me to select individual drivers to remove. Without running those tools I would’ve had to repair Windows 7 using the ISO, but I only have a pre SP1 ISO meaning I would’ve had to uninstall updates back to pre SP1 just for the repair or it wouldn’t detect the OS ( according to ).

Anyways; if anyone knows how to relink them, that would be fantastic. I’d like to set up a bat file in case this ever happens again with NVidia before I remove that card from my PC forever and never return to NVidia products.

Let me add, that this is how I installed my server:

The only difference being that I added a validate command after EACH game to verify it’s all correct. I tried deleting the SteamCMD directory to have it all re-downloaded, no luck with reregistering. I’ve tried removing the bin folder to get the dlls again, no luck.

EDIT: RESOLVED! I deleted srcds.exe - instead of deleting bin, and other folders you only need to remove srcds.exe from your server folder and rerun the standard gmod batch. Server is up and running!