Issue regarding firing animation between Css/Hl2

So I decompiled a model of the M4a1 which was mirrored (So it was on the right side) and editied the .qc file to be compatible with with Half-life 2.
I decompiled an re-compiled it using Crowbar.
It does show up in game and animations such as drawing, reloading works fine (It replaces the ar2 by the way).
But the firing animation only plays once when continuously shooting, unless I tap shoot then it looks fine.

Here is the pre-compiled model with the .qc file in case it’s needed to solve this.

Note: I did get this model of Garry’s mod workshop so I could find a mirrored model, And this isn’t something I will release. This is pretty much just for myself.

Update: Okay, I’ve fixed it. The reason why it didn’t work was because every Fire sequence had the act “ACT_VM_PRIMARYATTACK”, There should be only one.
And other firing anims (fire2,Fire3) need this activity “ACT_VM_RECOIL1” which it will randomly choose.