Issue skinning model

I started rigging a model of Revolver Ocelot from The Twin Snakes as the Spy, but once I finished putting the bones in place I had an issue. When I tried to parent it using the automatic weights, I got a “Bone Heating Failed” error. Is there some way to fix this or do the weights manually, or do I need to just abandon the project?

Just do it manually, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Heck, just send to to me if you want and I’ll do it for you.

How exactly do you do it manually? I tried to use the weight painting, but it didn’t really turn out right. Also, what kind of armature would I set it to?

Oh, never mind. I thought by Revolver you were referring to the weapon. I’ve done plenty of weapons but never characters. Those are a whole different story.

Just look at the way the original model is weighted and use it as a reference.