Issue that's been bothering me ever since I bought Gmod...

Ok, we all know that sometimes when you join a server, you have to download custom content from the server. Sometimes it’s a few textures, sometimes it’s 1,000 lua files.

However, my question is why do all the models and textures on that server still show up as big red ERROR’s to me, even though I waited an hour to download all that crap?

It really kind of got annoying this morning when I joined an RP server where I had to download all the .vtf’s and models files of about 3 different sports cars (a Volkswagen, BMW, and Lamborghini), only to find out that they were still just big red ERROR’s driving around town.

What’s the point of downloading all that crap if it doesn’t show up in-game?

I’m not sure but it sure does suck. They should change that :confused:

Because they obviously didn’t set up the redirect correctly.

Also, you only download 1 Lua file now.

Lua Cache File.

I was wondering what that was.

Is there anything I can do on my on my part to get the downloaded stuff to work?

Get the addon before you join?
Just read the server name, it should have it there, or join and look at the folders of what it is downloading, such as /garrysmod/addons/supercars/supercarstruck.mdl
base it off the addons folder or the file name

Well, its simple. you have to have the models before you foin eg phx etc. it’s simplez

i think thats stupid because i have to get a crappy addon for a car to work and drive
they should make it so when you download stuff you can see eet


that would also fix the pink and white checker thing

I understand that it would work if I had the addon installed, but it doesn’t change the fact that making people download all that stuff before you join is just pointless.

Furthermore, I don’t want to change my multiplayer options to “Don’t download custom files” because there may be essential LUA files on that server that I need for different gamemodes, etc.

There should be a selection for “Only download LUA files” instead of the current selection of all or none.

join another server i am sure there is tons of other servers where there isn’t a lot to download just look, play with your friends usually its better because you can tell each other what you have downloaded so that there is no errors