Issue uploading files to | Toybox website

As the title states, I am having an issue uploading files to, and toybox. After about 15-20 minutes of sitting through an upload screen (“We’re uploading your file, aint we?” ) I get a screen with a message that displays :
“The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.”

Now to be specific, it is not (or shouldn’t be) an issue with the file type I am uploading. I specifically changed the settings of winrar to not associate with .zip files so I could make a windows .zip folder to upload. I have tried regular windows .zip folders, and winrar made .zip folders, same issue arises regardless.

I have tried uploading on multiple computers, different browsers (IE, FF, Steam) and even different connections (friends house, public library), same error. I am curious what it could be that is causing the issue, as it seems shitty content is still able to be uploaded to the site, so its not something that minges and other people are experiencing. The file I am trying to upload is a map that I worked on for nearly 3 months, there is even a beta version of it that was able to be uploaded a month and a half ago.

Could it be a problem with file size? Is there now a non listed limitation to file size? The map file itself is 288MB (a lot of custom content, all pak’d into the BSP), but in a .zip folder it is 124MB. I’ve almost considered uploading the map off site, and only including pictures and the download links in the .zip folder, just so I could have something that would (hopefully) upload. I realize that this is something less than preferable or acceptable when it comes to this community. I have refrained from doing so, so now I come here asking for help. I hope that somebody will be able to explain this phenomenon so that I may get my work posted on the site, and bury some shitty minge-work from the front page.

Please and thank you for any information regarding how to correct this issue.

This thread is more well-written than mine, so I’ll bump this one for great justice.


Really is obnoxious, that issue.

Bumping this up because this file size still persists on (Can’t upload my 74.9mb zip for example.)