Issue when starting server

Hello Guys,

Apparently the GitHub was the wrong place (sorry!) so I am opening a message here.

To save repeating myself, here is a link to the issue I posted:

Does anyone have any ideas? I initially thought it could be a bug due to it happening on a fresh install, hence the issue - but I would love to be proven wrong or if there are any solutions.

Many thanks!

Considering you aren’t running any addons, the only two things that come to mind would be the server install is mucked up or there’s actually a problem with that release.

That is exactly what I thought - so I ran steamcmd to validate the files, and still have the same issue.

Thanks for your input!

I’d go for a reinstallation. I can’t seem to find any other documented cases of this happening.
Delete your entire server install including steamcmd, and start fresh. Let us know if that fails.

Do these errors continue spamming or stop after a while? Can you give us some information on the filesystem you are using? You should be able to execute “df -T” in your terminal to find out.