Issue when uploading my addon to the workshop [Not allowed by whitelist]

Just to catch everybody up to speed with my issue… I’ve created an addon that I intend to upload to the workshop but upon attempting to compress it into a .gma, I get the error [Not allowed by whitelist]

*This is just a portion of the output:

                [Not allowed by whitelist]
                [Not allowed by whitelist]
                [Not allowed by whitelist]

Now at first, I thought it might be because of the fact that the textures (which it was only textures blocked, not models) that were not allowed by the whitelist were contained in a file structure that I created and intended to be dropped in the materials folder, but I did the same thing for the models I am including in the addon and they seem to have got past the whitelist just fine.

Can anybody shed some light onto this situation?



Please pay attention.

I… that was a stupid mistake. Thanks Robotboy665!

Happens to the best of us.

It doesn’t help that maps, materials and models are all plural but sound is singular. What the hell Valve?