Issue with changing model of tool through console

Players in my server are able to get passed my blacklist (FPP) and spawn blacklisted models with this console command:

toolname_model <modelindex>

ex: button_model models/props_c17/chair02a.mdl

How do I block this? It’s becoming more and more of an issue. I can’t find any info on Google.

Apply FPP filter to the tools too, either by editing each tool, or doing some trickery with CanTool hook.

Could you point me in the right direction? (not asking you to do it for me, Im just confused by what you mean by FPP filter.)

Falcon prop protection

I know that, but what filter? I have the models black listed, but this console command is letting them change a button into a big ass building. Even though that building is on my blacklist.

There are tools on the spawnmenu and settings tab

Figured it out. If you go under FPP -> Blocked Models there is a check box that says “Apply to props only”. Make sure that is unchecked. Thanks for the responses.