Issue with ClientsideModels and Entity:FollowBone

This is a problem I have if more than one model is following the same bone OR I have one model following the bone and a bunch of other models following the base model.

Once I do this all of the models seem to skip around and only update their positions every 0.1 seconds or so. Some models do it, some models don’t. I haven’t been able to come up with a pattern. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem.

I’ve already tried:
Entity:SetRenderMode(<all of them>)

I’ve seen this problem before, you’ve not touched any of the render hooks yet and tried rendering them manually?

Updating their position every frame was taking a huge toll on processing so I converted them to another system. It renders them manually still but the position is handled by the engine with parenting and FollowBone. If it detects changes in bone structure, model name, parent, owner, PVS, etc. then it will realign and reparent the models.

Video to demonstrate. When I put the multiple model cones on it works fine. If I put on the car one it corrupts both. Taking it off fixes it. I think there’s something part of models themselves that do it but so far no way to see what it is.

Unfortunately my solution was to update their position every frame, sorry I’m not of much help.


Fixed it. The performance hit is more noticeable than I want so I’ll have to find out what entities need and which don’t. For now I’m just going to add the effect to all models part of a multi-model setup.