Issue with custom chat box

I’ve hooked up a costum chat box on my darkrp server, however I’m experiencing an issue. As you can see in the picture below, whenever I type anything, it posts it twice. Is there any way to disable the stock chat lines? I appreciate every answer, thanks!

The original chatbox is not hidden.

hook.Add( "HUDShouldDraw", "HideChatbox", function ( element )
	if ( element == "CHudChat" ) then return false end
end )

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot and I’ll update my post ASAP.
Sorry for not asking but this one goes in the lua/autorun folder right?

It’s a clienside hook; please read the wiki next time.

Sadly, it diddn’t seem to work, this one only hides the stock chat box, though the stock chat lines are still there… I guess I have to get rid of it, anyways thanks for your answer!

Something else is printing chat lines then. Check for PlayerSay and OnPlayerChat hooks.

Yeah I think you’re right, I’ll have to follow your advice then. Thanks a lot!