Issue with entities?

Hi there, first of all I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Lingo and I’m from the USA. Anyways yaddah yaddah.

Bascially I’m running a vanilla darkrp 2.4.3 install on windows. No custom addons, just a vanilla install with custom drugs…

Anywhoo I have a drugdealer class and they have the ability to spawn these:


Basically how this works is you put chemical 1 and chemical 2 in a drug lab and it makes the drugs.

My problem is after you use all the chemicals and you’ve made your drugs, you can’t spawn anymore chemicals. This goes for the same as printers/drug labs.

If I spawn 3 drug labs and destroy them all with a gun, I can’t spawn anymore and it renders me the error “You have reached the /buylab limit!”

I’ve looked through various threads regarding this and I’ve yet to find a fix. Please don’t also recommend I upgrade to darkrp 2.4.3 as I can’t due to the fact of some custom stuff that incompatible.

Thanks for the help FP