Issue with Hunting Bow?

After recent update, if a player on my server fires an arrow with the Hunting Bow, then tries to swap to any other held item (Hatchet, Pipe Shotgun, etc.), there is a 5-10 second delay. Is this happening anywhere else, or is some plugin with my server causing it? Curious.

it does not seem to be just with the bow, its with all weapons basically when you fire any of the weapons switching to any other weapon or item in your hot bar will be dealyed to about 3-5 seconds in my experiance.

Is this a bug or a feature? Haha


yep i noticed it too, while testing on my server with no mods currently installed. I was like WTF?

Same here, it’s bloody annoying when you get chased and run out of arrows:p you can’t switch to another weapon for at least 5 seconds. And 5 seconds is damn long when you’re in combat!
haha anyway, great patch. FPS improved bigtime for me, just this switching weapons after using bow-thing is a pain in the ass.
I think I can get used to the durability also, maybe reduce the condition droprate a bit?