Issue with lamps, Super DoF, and pink eye textures.

I’m probably repeating a problem others have had (I noticed a few unsolved threads featuring the eye problem), but I figured I make my own thread for my own tracking. Here are my issues: 1) lamps don’t seem to change in color and, assuming my eyesight hasn’t gone terrible, they don’t seem to be changing in brightness, 2) Super DoF doesn’t seem to be doing anything, and although I haven’t had much experience using GM13’s Super DoF, adjusting the sliders and hitting render doesn’t seem to be having any effect, and 3) there’s some missing eye texture featured on some models I have been attempting to use, and for some of them, there is an underlying eye texture that’s glassed over by the pink texture.[/t]

If it matters, I tested both the unofficial uploaded versions of these models on Workshop as well as the uploaded copies from back when they were released during GM12. As far as I can tell, my HL2 games, DoD:S, CS:S, and Portal games have all been tested, converted to Steam Pipe when possible, and local files verified (including Garry’s Mod). I went so far as to uninstall and completely reinstall every Garry’s Mod file from scratch, although my workshop may or may not be the cause of the issue and I may just be unaware of that. Friends with the same administrator model have stated it works fine for them, which is quite unfortunate. Thanks in advance.

e. Also, a more minor issue that’s a result of my in-game video settings that’s causing some reflections to be shining. I can’t seem to recall which setting caused this issue, since I haven’t had to deal with it in forever, and I must have accidentally set something wrong. To give an example:


I’ll take this out of the post once someone can remind me what I need to turn off to stop this. Thanks.

Lamps, SuperDOF, and the eyes issue have all been reported but not fixed. I would post this in Rolling Updates to get more attention on the issues.