Issue with mdl compiler first model

I’ve almost finished making my first model for garrysmod except for this issue…
If I want to compile a qc file with the mdl compiler.
What and where are the tool paths that I’m supposed to be looking for so I can get the model to work?
I used this tutorial

I suggest you download GUIStudioMDL

Please don’t use GUIStudioMDL. You’ll be much better off using the standard tools if you hope to master modelling theory.

The compiler is located in ‘\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin’ and it’s called studiomdl.exe. It’s command line-based, so compiling your model is as easy as dragging the *.qc file onto the icon to feed it through.

^technically as easy as right clicking on a QC and hitting compile :stuck_out_tongue:

But honestly a quick batch file like

"%sourcesdk%/bin/orangebox/bin/studiomdl" %1

Is much better than guistudiomdl and tells you just as much while it’s faster to use.