Issue with modules (.dll) on a listen server.

Hello. I’ve been using the GMod dedicated server to host a server up till now, when I wanted to test the code on a Listen server. I’ve copied the scripts and module(s) into my client folders. I’ve started GMod up and loaded a map, however I get a strange error from the ‘require’ function: “cannot find file at …< path here > … .dll”.
I’ve double checked that path and the module is there! I’ve even stripped the scripts and created a sandbox Listen server and ran ‘require( “modulename” )’ on the server side. (where the file is “gm_modulename.dll”). Same error. I appreciate any assistance/suggestions. Thanks.

You need to have the SQL libraries installed on your client.

Fixed, thanks. It was related to ‘tmysql’ module. I forgot to add the ‘libmySQL.dll’ file in the root folder (where HL2.exe is)