Issue with My Server.

Its Quite Strange, I can see My server and It has 23 Players on. Yet some people cannot see the server or connect.
Its really starting to annoy me It sometimes Happens to me too . One minute i can see and connect to the server , The next I cant do either. Yet my Friends are still on and Gametracker still reports it as Up.

I don’t normally ask for Help But I really do not know what to do or how to fix it.

Thanks in advance,


Are you talking about it not being on the server list?

Yes , and Clients not being able to connect

While the server is down, go into your command prompt and type the following:


Replace IP ADDRESS with the IP of your server, and don’t include the port.

If the server is responding, then contact your server provider; if it isn’t, then your server is most likely attacked. Contact your provider to see why it’s happening.

It is up , I can see through SSH and I can now Physically see the server on Steam. Its just Some Clients cannot see the server at all.