Issue with non-Latin script and string.Explode. Could be a gmod/lua bug, but I need a workaround

I’m having some issues with string.Explode and non-Latin script text (Stuff like Russian and Japanese Lettering)

[lua]print(“Burger - Приветствую”)[/lua]


Burger - Приветствую

[lua]String.Implode(" “,String.Explode(”",“Burger - Приветствую”)[/lua]


B u r g e r   -   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

String.Explode seems to fuck up nonstandard text. I need an alternative to exploding a string and putting it in a table. string.ToTable gives the same result. making my own explode function does the same thing

[lua]function ADN_Explode(text)

local Table = {}

for i=1, #text do

return Table


What I need is a function that gets every letter of a string and puts it to a table. This needs to work for non-latin script text.

Edit: Discovered that it’s a lua bug.

You’d need an Explode function that uses the utf-8 library.