Issue with server/gamemode


Here is the story, our server provider quit and merged all their serves with Xenon, when we got back onto Xenon, nothing would work, there would be no gamemode, everyone would look like grey Gordan’s and chat wouldn’t work. No errors would appear in the console.

When we put the gamemode onto an SRCDS server, it wouldn’t work as well and the map would be set to flatgrass, the odd thing is though is that the gamemode works in singleplayer, we would appreciate any help you give, we are really at the end of our tether.

Thank you.

Have you tried it with a completely fresh install of the server? Copy the gamemode to one of your home PC’s, then wipe the server with a fresh install of Garry’s Mod. Then pop the gamemode back in, and if it doesn’t work, well, I don’t know.