Issue with stacking/swapping items

Alright I haven’t quite but my finger on it but there’s a weird bug making me lose stuff since yesterday’s patch.

First occurrence of it was while emptying my quarries (6 of them). Whenever I would right click on items from the quarry to move it to my inventory using the little green timer, the first quarry went fine but all others would move the items out but they simply vanished instead of stacking on top of what I already had. I looked on the ground and nothing… this happened 3 times in a row before realizing it so I lost a lot of stuff there.

I had another similar occurrence which is probably the same bug… I was browsing gear in a chest getting dressed/geared… Picked an AK and put it in my 6th action bar slot and a bunch of other stuff. Then I changed my mind and decided to take a thompson instead so I dragged a thompson from the box to my AK to swap them and the thompson just vanished and AK remained in my bar…

HECK… writing this I’m wondering if I haven’t found the issue… I’ll have to check when I get home. Is it possible that the thompson and quarry stuff was moved to one of my weapon attachment slots? Cause I did find stuff that didn’t belong in there last night in another situation…?

its a known issue and i believe he is fixing it

Yup, attachment slot… I ‘lost’ several guns/ammo while I was organizing lewts. Turns out they are getting attached to guns when you drag and drop items onto guns. I accidentally attached 2 bolt actions to an AK lol then some really weird things happen. Out of body (3rd person view) kinda things…