Issue with swep models

I’ve been trying to make sweps using Generic Default’s GDCW scripts and CSS reskins off FPSbanana. A major problem I’ve had is that When I use a renamed model (ie v_rif_sg552a instead of v_rif_sg552, I also renamed the model in the directory) model in the script, nothing shows up, not even an error sign. I’ve tried putting the folders (Models, Materials, etc) into the base gmod directory, and that didn’t work neither. I’ve checked my lua over and over, and reinstalled the files over and over, and got the same result. Does anyone know what causes this problem, and how to fix it? Thanks!

You can’t do that with models. You’ll have to either hex the model (preferable, but limited) or recompile it.*

*As far as I know.

How do you recompile a model?