Issue with textures, and more...


I have a (very…) annoying problem: some textures and models don’t work.
The cache for Half Life 2 and Garry’s Mod was verified without errors.

Technical informations:
Games with SteamPipe: Garry’s Mod, Half Life 2
Games toggled in Garry’s Mod: Half Life 2
Garry’s Mod version: 13.07.05

Any idea how to fix this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Make sure Half-Life 2 was ran atleast once.

Is your Garry’s Mod folder in /steamapps/common or /steamapps/(username) ?

I’m having this same problem, physgun, grass, medikits and other things are missing textures, refugees float around in the default stance, and combine float around bent over doing frontflips when they shoot. As amusing as the latter most issue is, it makes the game unplayable. And @code_gs; mine is in common, which is odd considering gmod used to always be in the username directory. I have HL2, HL2EP1/2 and CS:S, all mounted, and it seems like none of them work correctly. I’ve verified the game cache with every one, as well.

Gmod was moved to common in the steampipe conversion. May I recommend uninstalling Half-Life 2, Gmod too… delete those files steam always tells u to delete to fix their problems… and then try again.

Don’t bother uninstalling HL2. Just reinstall Garry’s Mod by deleting the folder manually, then reinstalling. Also, start up all of your Source games.

Give code_gs’s fix a shot. If that doesnt work there is one ultimate solution…

Uninstall all ur steam games, uninstall steam, and re-install.