Issue with the latest srcds binaries - Don't update to them

[h2]Valve updated the srcds bins, crisis averted.[/h2]

It seems there’s an issue with the latest SRCDS binaries when it comes to Garrysmod clients, crashing them once they’re about to enter the server after loading. I’ve contacted Garry about this and hopefully he’ll push out an update in the distant future.

If you have updated and are experiencing this issue, download these binaries and put them in the appropriate place - .

Good to know, thanks for the update, always nice.

Do you think you could link me to a crashlog? I couldn’t recreate this.

Unless dumps have moved folder (from Garrysmod/) there don’t appear to be any.

I know it’s not isolated to myself or specific server machines as I tested this with a few people across different server machines.

lol I’m SAFE

It’s not with the client itself, it’s with srcds. As long as server owners don’t update you’ll be fine.

I emailed Garry about a test server he can connect to running the latest bins which will crash the client.

I just tested on my LAN server, and while I do not crash when I join, it does have some weird issues.[/thumb]
Here it shows 2 AK47’s on the ground and me holding one, All the AK47’s are actually Deagles.


Here it shows me holding a M3 shotgun at a weird angle, It is actually a MAC10 I am holding & it’s world model on the ground was that of the M16.

I also had a few world models using their view models instead, so instead of seeing a M16 lying on the ground it would show a random view model spinning on the ground.

After changing back to the older srcds binaries everything worked as it should.

Would you be able to upload the old version of srcds.exe as well Teddi or whoever else has it?

As far as I’m aware of you don’t need the old verison of srcds as it’s only a launcher.

For GMod 13 SRCDS crashes on launch and srcds.exe was the only other file updated.

This is for the standard GMod, not 13.

Both use the OB Dedicated server. The binaries are the same for srcds.

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Garry fixed this for GMod 13 with update 18 so no need any more but thanks.

I can confirm this crash, no dumps and the game just closes, also no errors in the server’s console. Other games work, but gmod doesn’t. Hope this will get fixed

Valve published another update for the srcds bins today which appears to have fixed the issue, so crisis averted.

That’s fast… even for VALVe.

Only seen the issues in past few days on Windows servers. Linux servers have been fine, so has been my Windows client. Thanks for the heads up though.