issue with the server

so my friend just got a server running but there are some issues.

the main 2 that make the server unplayable are:

after about 10 rounds or so this happens and we have to restart the server or change the map.

also if anyone is slain or uses the kill command in the console the teams dont switch and that also requires a restart.

we dont know how to fix these issues and are in need of any/all help if any more info is needed please ask.

The map change is in the gamemode itself. Its a fretta gamemode like Trouble In Traitor Town, and makes you vote on maps so your not on the same old map the whole time your playing. Also, about the kill command, im clueless, no idea.

is there anyway to disable that? we want it so people can play on the map for as long as they please and to change it a !votemap 12 or something like that is needed.