Issue with VGUI.

I’m kind of a newbie to Lua coding, so I am currently doing a little project on Lua to get to know it better. The issue appeared when I came up to VGUI, actually trying to run a quick ‘test’ of some functions. I used a small snippet of code from the VGUI tutorial on wiki ( However, it didn’t work giving me an error of ( [lua\autorun\vguitests.lua:4] attempt to index global ‘vgui’ (a nil value) ). Does that mean that the VGUI lib doesn’t somehow initialize on my GMod (I tried running the script both clientside and serverside). So uhm, here is the code I used (I have put it into “lua\autorun”, obviusly):

[lua]function TestVGUI( )

local Frame = vgui.Create( "Frame" )
Frame:SetSize( 200, 200 )
Frame:SetPos( 100, 100 )
Frame:SetVisible( true )
Frame:MakePopup( )
Frame:PostMessage( "SetTitle", "text", "This is the title" )

local Button = vgui.Create( "Button", Frame )
Button:SetText( "Click me!" )
Button:SetPos( 30, 5 )
Button:SetWide( 100 )
function Button:DoClick( )
    self:SetText( "Clicked" )


concommand.Add( “testvgui”, TestVGUI )[/lua]

I would greatly appreciate if you reply.

If you’re getting errors about vgui being a nil value, the code is running on the server. This code should go in lua/autorun/client.

Well, first I would recommend you using DFrame.
But put it in lua/autorun/client

Thanks, helped actually.

No problem.