Issue with workshop.lua

Ok, so, this might sound dumb, but has any server owners here had any issues lately with adding recent addons to the workshop.lua? For some reason, when ever i try to add an addon with a 10 digit id code, it doesn’t work for some reason. Its kinda hard to explain, but this is what i mean:

resource.AddWorkshop( “305338718” ) [9 digits] Works
resource.AddWorkshop( “9458524452” ) [10 digits] Doesn’t work

I know this sounds like a question that you would ask your server hoster, which i have, but while i am waiting for a reply i am curious if anyone else if having this problem or if its just coincidental for me .

Do you have any examples with links that work?

Yeah, sorry.

It says it doesn’t exists, are you sure it’s public?

I’m retarded. Thanks, its public now.Do you think that was causing the issues?

Most likely, but you should test and see.

Alright, its fixed now. Thanks

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Actually, its not working. It worked for one person, but then another person got on and said it didn’t. I asked the person if they had been subscribed to the addon (Since workshop makes you subscribe to it) and they said no.

then it’s not related to resource.AddWorkshop, it’s the gma