Issues moving

I have problems moving in Gmod, I can noclip and fly around perfectly but I can’t run around normally.
I can walk by holding down the alt key but i can’t run by not holding down anything at all or sprint with the shift key.
This started happening after i got the Mad Cow swep base 2.0, it has some extra stuff that makes you walk realisticly (view bobbing, different sound on different models etc.) so I’m thinking this is the thing screwing up my Gmod.
I have deleted the whole Mad Cow folder but it still won’t be fixed, I’ve tried binding stuff using the console and the options menue, I’ve deleted the config.cfg, I’ve reinstalled Gmod.
Nothing have worked and I have no ideas on what to try next!
Not that i have anything about noclipping but it gets annoying when you can’t run around regularly.

Would be nice if someone helped me out!

EDIT: I fixed the problem, didn’t look around enough before…