Issues on start up (Linux GMod Serverr) - $$$ for help

So I’m working on setting up a TTT server on my VPS.
So I’ve installed and set up GMod in one area, and I have my CSS and TF2 installed somewhere else and mounted in case I want to set up like a prop hunt server something else.

I get these problems though.

I’ll provide pictures of my directories in linux and some scripts to help.
But I get the “Can’t auto update” error at start up and the missing VPHYSICS model thing.

Home directory

gmodds directory, which is where the GMod server is.

Start script & loop script for starting the GMod server.

installers directory, this is where I unpacked and installed steam

I also used the force make directory when installing gmod, tf2 and css as well for reference.

Whoever can help me solve the issues I’ve got on start up, or maybe I need to have installed things in a particular way and order (cause I dont think I’m suppose to have those links in the home directory, also if you open .steam, it’s filled with links and symlinks) I’ll paypal over some money for your time if you can help me resolve my problems.

Thank you for your time. If you have questions or need information, let me know.

Those two specific models (tree_deciduous and cattails) are models that don’t actually have a collision model and is an issue with CS:S; ignore those errors.

Is there any way to stop them from coming up in the console? Also what about the other errors that get thrown like the auto update one.

Also while I’m here, might as well ask.

Is there any good way to log the entire console output/screen output, because I have logging turned on in server.cfg but it only starts once the server is up and turns logging on. But like all that output there, it doesn’t log.

Add -condebug to your startup.bat. As for hiding the errors, you could make an empty physics model if you knew how to.

Got any links on where I can learn to do this?

Here’s a link on how to add physics using Blender: