Issues uploading

Been trying to upload a 157 mb file and it keeps timing out, it’s a map with all the content packed in :\

I recommend finding a faster connection or more reliable one to upload from.
There’s also a possibility it’s a problem with the ToyBox itself. I’m not exactly the expert with Internet connections and their problems.

You also have the same problem when you try to upload something to, but on there seems to be a longer time limit. According to Garry there is no file size limit in toybox.

My opinion is, there are improvements in the upload system needed.

Maybe it should support split zips.

Unpack the content and upload it seperately. People prefer it when they see a million icons go plink anyway.

The technical limit is 500mb, but there’s a limit on how long the webserver will spend listening to your upload… so if it takes longer than 30 mins, I’m guessing it’s going to fail.

That said, that’s all configurable, so I will have a mess.

If you unpack the content from the map then the map will be changed and will differ from the version with packet content when this version is already released some where else.

I tried to upload an about 60 MB big zip file with valid content inside with about 100 kb/s upload speed multiply times, but the my uploads always timed out.