Issues when installing a GMod server on Ubuntu?


I’ve tried to install Ubuntu on my server, but there are some issues that I haven’t been able to understand.

I’ve followed the GMod wiki completely, and now I’m basically stuck at starting the server. When I run ./, I come to a place where I should write “screen -x” in the terminal. Once I do that, several sessions appear in the terminal and it tells me, that I should write “screen [-d] -r [.pid]” to resume one of the sessions. Not because I really understand what that means, but I did try to write that, and then it just appears some error regarding [-d].

Sometimes when I try to run ./ I receive an “Segmentation Fault” error, which I attempt to fix by doing what the wiki says, but the error always returns.
Well, I’m kind of stuck here. Does anyone know what I could do to finish the last parts of setting up a GMod server on Ubuntu?

Check this post by Python:

Garry posts a link to a dropbox zip with some new bin files in IRC chat (top line). Put them in orangebox/garrysmod/bin

Hope that helps, worked for me

-Oops double post-