Issues with configuring Gmod for hammer

ok, well i tried to configure gmod for hammer as this video showed me how to

well now when i try to open a new thing it give me a bunch of boxes with no grids like it normally should, just a bunch of boxes with boxes inside it

and on another note if i run it with
Engine:half life 2 episode 1
Current Game:Half life 2

will i still be able to make normal maps for anyone? for posting?

Don’t use the Garrysmod config. Use Half-Life 2: Episode 2 or Counter Strike: Source. However, any Source game will work.

Gmod runs on the Orange Box version of the Source engine and thus, it must be configured for the Orange Box version of Source SDK.

you can still use ep1 engine

Trying to set up the gmod engine on ep1 causes issues. Either set it up on ep2 engine, or don’t bother. In the end, the bsp will run in gmod fine.

Why? I made a gmod config and it works fine. This way I can have CSS and HL2 props and textures.

wait, elaborate on that. From what I’ve heard, it’s impossible to get GMOD, CSS and HL2 content into hammer all at once. Or are you just talking about getting the content in your map?

You can do that with all the other game configurations too. Why would you use the GMOD one. Makes no sense to me.