Issues with current build (Changing Gamemodes breaks servers)

Hi there, i’d like to bring up an apparent bug with Garrysmod currently.
As of now, if you change your servers gamemode from what it was launched with, it will break some addons and data files won’t be read. At least, that’s what im experiencing.
I run a Surf/DR server so the gamemode is constantly flopping inbetween the two. If i launch the server on surf, everything is fine until i change my gamemode to deathrun. Same goes for changing from deathrun to surf.
Not a whole lot breaks, but things break strangely. For instance, i lose all access on ULX. Secondly, the server renames itself to the default name for new servers under my provider. i’ve talked to my provider and they are sure it isn’t them.

Is anyone else experiencing this? can anyone else confirm this issue?

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - postal))