Issues with editing and releasing maps originally by Valve?

Interesting question.

So I like the coast just before Nova Prospekt, and they provided a VMF so I did what I could to it. But would it be wrong to upload it to with half/full credit, or would it be warez because HL2 and its content isn’t free?

as long as you say valve originally made it, you should be fine. i don’t think they care too much. seeing as how it doesn’t have any scripts originally there.

If they supplied the .vmf in source than I think it should be ok, because they already supplied it. Just in case though I would give em credit.

this comes with hamemr in the hl2 mapsrc

True, but only because you owned the game. A free Lost Coast without owning HL2 would be warez akaIk.

Is it technically illegal? Grey area.
Is anyone going to give a damn? No.

Might people say something that it’s valve work and not your’s? Yes.

Honestly, I’m not flaming, but who gives a fuck?

Are you really not going to upload it, if it is illegal?

Technically for a large number of PC owners it’s attainable anyway as all NVidia card owners can get Lost Coast for free.

And all ATI card owners. So essentially everyone.


I don’t think those with built-in graphics cards can do this.

And all NVidia card owners, so it is everyone. :v:

Upload it. It looks awesome. :smiley:

But not SiS or intel graphics.