Issues with FOV

For some reason, when you hit the ground (either from a normal jump or a fall, doesn’t matter), the FOV resets to default.
This proves to be annoying in certain cases, in which you want to set a different FOV ( trough ply:SetFOV(x,y) ) and keep it during a certain action, but you have to set it again and again.

Is there a way to fix it?

(Note: Yes, I used a clean GMod setup, disabled all workshop addons, tested it with a simple addon that changes FOV every client think. The result is a bunch of frames flickering between default FOV and modified FOV.)

This shouldn’t be in ‘Developer Discussion’, you want ‘Help and Support’.

“Help and Support” is for GAMING issues, this is a code issue, and I’m looking for a way to fix with code.

Edit: Quoted from that section’s description:
“If you’re having problems PLAYING GMod then this is the place for you.”

Oh, I thought you meant changing your FOV via the options menu seeing as you provided absolutely no code.

Bump. Anyone? This is kind of important to me right now.

Set it again using the OnPlayerHitGround hook?

Use CalcView hook instead. I also suggest scaling the fov instead of setting it since not everyone uses the same default fov.

It won’t work, since the FOV still gets reset after the hook is called.

I tried it and it works quite nicely. Thanks a lot.