Issues with Gmod

I didn’t see a support section so my apologies if I am posting in the wrong area, but I am having an issue with Garrys Mod

I just purchased Gmod + CSS from steam, downloaded them both successfully. Garrys Mod plays just fine except it seems I’m missing some tools from my menu. when I hold Q and bring it up, scroll down my tools, I can’t find the weight changing tool, or the measuring stick, stuff like that. if anyone knows anything I can do about this I’d appreciate it. Also i have deleted local game content and re-downloaded twice and it didn’t fix my problem, when I join servers those tools are in my menu, they just aren’t when I play single player.

Those tool’s are custom ones.

Oh, i played on a version on my friends computer and assumed that they were standard, I don’t seem to have much luck making the addons from to work though. xD

Thanks a lot


ok sorry lol, but i have one more question for you. Whenever I join a server, like an RP server that doesn’t spawn you with guns, and then go back to my single player game/world I spawn with only my phys gun, camera, and tool gun. and it seems like the only way I can correct that is to find a server that starts you with guns and join it. any ideas why it’s doing this or how to correct it?

sbox_weapons 1

I don’t understand what you mean by that? could you be more specific? i looked that up on and found nothing so i assume it’s not an addon, is that a file in the Gmod install directory?

Type in console, sbox_weapons 1

Or click the Settings button (Spanner) when you’re starting a new game and it shows the maplist, there should be a checkbox saying “Spawn with weapons”.

oh ok lol
thanks a lot guys =D


No problem.