Issues with info_decals not displaying,need help!

Alright, so I’m having some rather annoying problems with some of the decals I’m using for a CSS map.

They aren’t showing up. I haven’t used any custom content and the majority of the decals are from other CSS maps. Probably only 2 out of a dozen or so actually show up.

None of the decal pointers are embedded in the surface the decal is on, so they aren’t leaking and as I said they are either all from the levels in CSS or from the common pool of the ep1 games.

The decals are signage, doors, and some graffiti.

I also recently discovered and fixed the fact that for some reason my css vmf was being saved in the hl2mp mapsrc folder instead of the counter strike one. Should I try recompiling and see if that fixed it?


The little red/blue/green star thingy in hammer has to going into a wall. You can’t just click onto a place and hope it works, you have to put it in. e.g. (I fail at HTML so here are some links):

Has the solution worked?

Use the Apply Decal tool and select a texture. Don’t just use the entity tool, select info_decal from the list, and place it in the map.

This is the icon for the tool.

I’ll try Jameco’s idea. Yes I was using the apply decal tool.

I’ll post if it worked in a second. Thanks!

Use overlays.

You don’t need to use overlays that often. The only time you need to use them is if you’re planning to rotate or resize a decal.

Yeah I know, but if his decals aren’t going to work, he can just use overlays as a backup as they do the same thing.

Overlays are more expensive.

Alright, thanks for the help guys, they are working now.

I’ll post what I’m working on this weekend, doing it for a class, and in my opinion its a bit blocky.

Been around here for a while so you don’t have to worry about a shitty level of blockiness.

EDIT: Meant to say I would like to get your opinions on it.

But you have control over angle, size, and what faces it shows up on.
Will also work on displacements.

You should still use decals whenever an overlay isn’t needed

Which you hardly ever need to do.