Issues with loot crates on my server

I recently started my own server on my home network with no ports forwarded for now (meaning nobody else can access it). I noticed that there were very few loot crates. In Radtowns and at monuments I can’t find a single one. I have only been keeping the server running when I am playing Rust, so I thought maybe it was just an issue with loot not having time to spawn. I left my server open for a good eight hours to combat this, however after this eight hours I closed it and now upon reopening it I still have no loot crates. I noticed on server startup the command window showed “deleting 30 old entities” or something like that, and I feel like this entity removal is probably what is removing the loot crates. So - in short - is there any way I can stop my server from deleting all the loot crates upon startup? Or is there some kind of workaround I could use to make sure crates become available in-game without having to leave the server running 24/7?

Or, am I totally wrong about all of this and I don’t get many loot crates for another reason entirely?

Ehh, leaving the server running is your only bet.

Restarting it refreshes the time, and only having you online when it is up means very long respawn times.

If you want to keep it a pure vanilla server you’re best option is to turn it on 10-20 minutes before you play. However if you don’t mind modding it very slightly there’s a mod called lootconfig which lets you tweak loot tables, you don’t have to change the loot tables at all, but you can set the crates to respawn quicker.

Thanks for the replies. For now I’m just starting it 10-20 minutes early, not really a problem at all. The mod tweaking is a good idea but I don’t want crates to spawn any more often, other than sooner immediately upon launch. I feel like less loot is honestly more fair when I am the only one on the server.