Issues with PHX3

I need some help. I recently reinstalled Garry’s Mod onto my PC. I installed PHX3 using Tortoise SVN, but a lot of the items are missing textures and end up with that weird purple and black texture scheme, and other items are missing completely. Any idea what can be wrong?

I have every source engine game I should need, going down the list:
Half life 2, along with both episodes and lost coast
Counter Strike Source
Day of Defeat Source
Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, although as far as I know, they have no impact on Gmod at all.

yeah, I just updated my and it delete a lot of files and I have the the problem also, I’m sure the people who just updated PHX3, have the same problem

documented here

revert back to revision 145 to make it work right again for now