Issues with .QC File

Hi all. New to modding. Anyway, I’ve been working on a reskin for a while of the old PMC Pack. I’ve been working on this for a while. I have all my textures and model stuff. Anyway;
I have two $CDMaterials paths laid out in my .qc, but it only uses one. Below, I have it all posted.

Anyway, as I was saying. I was testing the models in game, and I noticed that the models only used textures in PMC_Shared. I’ve looked everywhere, and can’t find anything.

Edit: Apologies for the post location. On the help page, clicking “Modeling” brought me here.

this thread would be better in modelling.

But as for retextures, the texture name in the smd file needs to match the name of the material you’re making.

For example if I have LV_Neutral_Foliage_A_Grass_D_JSA.tga in my smd

My vmt needs to be called “LV_Neutral_Foliage_A_Grass_D_JSA.vmt”

If you have multiple skins you need to add those materials in blender too. Make sure that only one material is assigned to the mesh tho. Now in the .QC you need to add the skins too. as of now it only knows where to look but not what materials to switch around. Here’s how it should look like:
Underneath cdmaterial:

$texturegroup "skin families"
     {"Your first material" } //this is the material that you also applied to the mesh
     {"Your second material"}

If you have more than one material to switch around:

$texturegroup "skin families"
     {"Material1" "material2" "material3"}
     {"Material1_rep" "material2_rep" "material3_rep"}

For more information read here:$texturegroup

So I’d have to mess with the .smd then?

If the material name you want to use is not the same as the material in the smd, then yes. (just use find and replace in notepad++ it’s ez)

Why would he have to mess with the .smd if he can just alter the .QC file and recompile? Or is this a situation where the model can’t be opened in a modeling software.

The QC file only tells the compiler where to look for the material, not necessarily which material is assigned to what face and so forth.

the smd states which material the model is going to use. He doesn’t need to open it in a modelling software as the smd format is human readable.