issues with server fast dl

for a while i have been trying to add a custom weapon to my friends TTT server i have created the lua and resource files so that the server would make players download all the files once they join. The problem is that once a player is downloading the textures for the weapons its just stops half way through skips over them then decides to download the models. In the server the weapon works fine all the sounds are there same with he model but the Textures are missing from he model. Anybody have a way of fixing this?

the weapon works perfectly fine in single player and whisper servers but not on fast dl servers

In the latest version of Garrysmod 13, I believe Garry has removed FastDL from the game and replaced it with a command:

resource.AddWorkshop( string workshopid )

Simply, Upload your custom weapon onto the workshop and use the command above in your gamemode and it should fix your issue and allow players download the workshop addon clientside while joining the server.

Yes use this. FastDL is unbelievably slow the workshop is incredibly quick in comparison.