Issues with the COD4 Mi-28 in EP2.

Hey all, I’ve recently been attempting to get the Mil Mi-28 model from the COD4 Helicopters Pack into HL2 EP2, but when I attempt to load the model in the VGUI model browser Hammer shuts down without warning. Is there some incompatibility between EP2 and Garry’s Mod models that I am not aware of? The model works flawlessly in Gmod but upon being ported to EP2 this happens.

Do I need to run some sort of VTX Editor like the L4D models or is the model simply bugged? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

The pack is located here:

On a related note, I would appreciate it if someone could animate the rotors on the flying model, as I plan to use it as an enemy in a map.

Gmod and Ep2 use the same VTXs, PHYS models etc. The model is simply bugged.

Whoopsy daisy. Never mind it, I was using the wrong model anyways! Stupid misleading game quotes…