Issues with the new rust

So to start off I wanted to say that I am not new to Rust. I have logged many…many hours when the game first came out. I took some time off during the summer to let some updates happen and for the college semester to come around so that I had some free time again. I am not exactly sure the specific amount of time that I was gone but it was pretty significant from the updates I have recently seen. I spent about a week trying to get Rust to even launch, since from the Steam library it would act like it was going to launch and just would not. I have deleted cache, deleted game, reloaded and reloaded and snap shot error codes for people and I ended up just not getting a response after a while because no one had any clue as to why it wouldn’t work. Recently I have been playing around in the main files for steam and launched it as Administrator directly from the local files, not sure why they wouldn’t suggest this in the first place. it launches and did some updates, however, Now under Servers, they all say 0 players and 0 servers. This is beyond frustrating. I seriously need some help here, I have tried refreshing restarting reloading everything you can imagine. Under the Home tab there is nothing but a picture in the bottom right that reads, “Tell us we’re bad at our jobs on steam.” which is pretty ironic. If anyone on this planet can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. - Regards.

EDIT: Geforce 760 Overclocked, 4 gen? I-5 8gb Ram. This is by no means a hardware issue, but i’ll put this here for the hell of it. As far as Firewalls - Rust is on the allowance list for programs having access beyond it. Just to account for everything, I disabled all firewalls to try again with no effect.


Sorry, but I can’t help. I’m in the same situation as you, except I just bought the game. I’ve seen exactly the same stuff as you. All I can tell you is that if you run in compatibility mode for vista (from your local file folder) you can play in non-eac servers.

Other then that, I can’t connect, don’t know what to download, which beta/non-beta to use, and how to turn off every single one of my firewall settings so that I can connect to freaking, or whatever it is.

I wish someone would tell me how to verify the correct version of rust, how to reinstall steam, how to reinstall eac, and how to turn off all firewall ****. Although, I think I know how to do most of this stuff…

Don’t know how much help i can be Rally, but there are a few things you should post to help people help you.

computer specs, including video card models.
which branch (beta) you are opted into.
any antivirus/firewall software active on your computer.

it not starting could be anything from lack of ram to a firewall blocking EAC which stops it from launching rust, so we really need much more information to be able to even try and help you.

these are really the basics. might be worth looking up a few walkthroughs on these things online.

verifying rust is via PROPERTIES> LOCAL FILES> VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE, and it will reinstall any bugged files. otherwise delete local content, then reinstall.

in terms of beta, development branch is the bleeding edge of updates, but has the most bugs. NONE is the most stable version, but often not up to date with the devblog/forum discussions since many people want the newest version to play with.

firewall settings depend on your software, but most of the time antivirus programs have exceptions that can be made for particular programs, or the option to turn off protection for some time.

Also, EAC is installed and did not show any problems.