Issues with Vinegar

So been fiddling with my server trying to get everything all nice and working properly or least somewhat properly I don’t expect things to go without a hitch being alpha and all. But I think the game has a lot of promise, much like some Z game had when it first came out, now I assume the community will ruin most of the lovely aspects of the game cause well people tend to just suck and cheating is much like a virus. But thats a whole different post. Anyways to the point Vinegar.

So for whatever reason I can’t seem to damage my own building with it on, either that or it takes more than 99 rounds to blow up a single pillar. In the end I don’t think its working right, so my wonder is if perhaps some other mod I have could possibly be conflicting with Vinegar?

The list of Mods I have on the server Currently, however I can’t seem to get uber spawner to work either, could just be a flag issue there i think i added that before I gave myself the all flag, and i’m not too worried about it. Anyways if you have any thoughts on how I might be able to get vinegar working properly please let me know.

Airdrop Caller (1.0)

Anti-Decay (0.1)

Chat History (1.1)

Door Sharing (dev 1.1b)

Groups (1.3a)

Kits (dev1.1a)

List Players (1.1)

Loot Spawn Lists (1.1a)

Oxide Default LUA (1.10)

Oxmin (dev 1.1c)

Zones (0.1)

Uber Spawner (0.1)

Vinegar (.3)

Your zones plugin is causing a conflict.

If you’re still having problems, you may want to ask on the Vinegar plugin’s thread @ Oxide.